Honor. Integrity. Courage. Service. Pride.


Always our Chief, by our side, & forever in our hearts

Our "Family"
As you can see above in blue, our motto is something we take serious.  We are proud to introduce you to our family.

The Chief position is appointed by the Fire District's Trustees.

  Brian Buss: 1st Responder
                      Department Member since May 1987. 
                                       Served as our Assistant Chief from May 2004 to January 2015.
                                       Promoted to Chief in January 2015.

The Assistant Chiefs are appointed by the District's Fire Chief & approved by the Trustees.

  Josh Reese: EMT B
                    Department Member since April 2003. 
                                   Served 2.5 terms (5 years) as a Lieutenant.
                                   Promoted to Assistant Chief in January 2015.
  Casey Buss, Assistant Chief: EMT B
                    Department Member since February 2005. Serving his 3rd term as a Lieutenant.
                                   Served 2.5 terms (5 years) as a Lieutenant.
                                   Promoted to Assistant Chief in August 2016.

Lieutenants are elected into their roles by fellow department members & serve a term of 2 years.
  Dan Gaskin, Equip. / Appar. Officer:  1st Resp.   
                                    Department Member since October 2004. Serving his 1st term as a Lieutenant.
  Tommy Long II, EMS Officer: Paramedic    
                                   Department Member since June 1985. Serving 2nd term as a Lieutenant.
                                   Also serves full time with Urbana Fire Department.
  McClain, Kyle, Administration Officer    
                                    Department Member since February 2010.

  Albert Oleynichak, Training Officer: EMT B
                    Department Member since July 2005. Serving his 4th term as a Lieutenant.


  Appl, Kyle    
                                   Department Member since April 2003.
  Bickers, Josh:  1st Responder   
                                    Department Member since October 2013.
  Chism, Addison    
                                    Rejoined the department in July 2015.
  Cler, Matt
                                    Rejoined the department December 2015.

  Fisher, Luke    
                                    Department Member since July 2004.
  Isaksen, Zac    
                                    Department Member since September 2008.
  Large, Mike:  EMT B    
                                    Department Member since October 2004.
  Marsh, Andrew:  EMT B    
                                    Department Member since February 2005. 
                                    Currently serving as the Association President for a 2nd term of 2 years.

  Marsh, Tyler:  EMT I    
                                    Department Member since February 2005.
                                   Currently serving as the Association Vice President for a 2nd term of 2 years.
  Martin, Brian:  EMT B    
                                    Department Member since June 2009.
  Peoples, Josh:  EMT B
                                    Department Member since March 2014.

  Peters, Mike    
                                    Department Member since April 1983.
  Peters, Steve: Paramedic
                    Also serves with Carle Hospital, as well as Carle/Arrow Ambulance service.
  Purcell, Stuart
                                    Department Member since December 2015.

  Ribbe, Brad    
                                    Department Member since March 1994.
  Rosenbeck, Tyler
                                    Department Member Since April 2014.
  Schrock, Kenny:  1st Responder   
                                    Department Member since June 2012.

  Shafer, Rusty:  EMT B    
                                    Department Member since January 2012.
                                    Currently serving as the Association Secretary/Treasurer for a 2nd term of 2 years.
  Voges, August    
                                    Department Member since March 2001.
                                    Also serves full time as a dispatcher with METCAD.
 Wasson, James    
                                    Department Member since December 2009.

Probationary Members: (still in training)

  Rebecca, Long: JUNIOR MEMBER
                                    Department Member since August 2016 (when she joined as a Jr. Member.)

Retired & Honorary Members

  Russell Chism, Paramedic
Department Member since April 1984. Serving as our Chief since April 2004.
                                   Also served full time with Urbana Fire for 19 years.  
Retired in December 2014.
                                      Rusty's Final Call - Delivered By August "April" Voges
                                    The above link is for the embedded audio player.

                                  Rusty's Final Call - Delivered by August Voges.mp3

                     If you are on a mobile device, or the player will not work for you. You can download the MP3 file above.
  Scott Weiler:  Chaplain & 1st Responder
                                    Joined the department in November 2009 & resigned in July 2016.

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