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Russell "Sox" Maddock

In the beginning the village of St. Joseph's fire fighting equipment prior to 1922 consisted of a barrel on two wheels, and a dozen 
metal water buckets to be pushed by hand.  Most all of the village's residents had open wells and cisterns.  In 1922 the St. Joseph village board voted to purchase a fire truck...a new Ford truck with a pump and hose.  The new truck was first housed in the garage of Dr. H.E. Davis.  Several years later the village, and several area residents looked into creating a fire district.  After voter approval a board was appointed.

1946 Ford Fire Truck.

St. Joseph-Stanton Fire Protection District began operation on July 25th 1947.  A taxing district the first year is spent creating the district, making a levy the next years budget, and preparing for operations. It's first budget was $5,135.  Today our budget is $230,511.02.  On May 5th 1948 the Firefighters had their first meeting.  They made the decision to meet on the First Thursday of each month as the group of firefighters.  We still meet on that day today. The trustees meet on the Second Wednesday of each month.

Ray Barcus with the 1947 Ford.
That first year of operation the fire district purchased a John Bean high pressure pumper, a 1947 Ford which is still in our possession.  They used that fire truck, and St. Joseph's old fire truck as well.
  In 1952 a new fire station was built on Lincoln St.  It is now the Saint Joseph village hall.  In 1954 the district purchased their first water tender.  It had a 500-gallon tank with a 500-gpm pump.   In 1948 the department responded to 10 calls.

Old Pictures

This is the old fire station, when it was on Lincoln. Currently, the building serves as the Village Hall. This station was built by the Fire District in 1954. In the late 70's the Village purchased the building we use today from a business and we swapped buildings. The Fire District needed bigger bays as the vehicles were too tall and becoming longer and no longer fit in the old station.


We utilize two pumpers with 800 to 1,000 gallons of water on each that have 750-gpm to 1250-gpm pumps.  We currently have two water tenders with one carrying 3,000 gallons of water with a quick dump,  and another carrying 2,000 gallons of water, which also utilizes a quick dump.  We also have A 2003 Ford Expedition SUV for our EMS response vehicle.

We responded to 412 calls in 2009, 424 calls in 2010, 369 calls in 2011, 368 calls in 2012, 432 calls in 2013, & 423 calls in 2014. 

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