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Current Apparatus

Our main apparatus for all Fire calls, Vehicle Accident calls, & many Medical calls as well, is Engine 1151. This unit carries most of our vehicle extrication tools (Jaws of Life, spreaders, Rescue 42's, and air bags.) It is also fully equipped as a BLS (Basic Life Support) level medical vehicle.

This Engine is a 2016 Pierce Saber model. The on-board tank holds 1,000 gallons of water and the truck is equipped with a 1,500 gallons per minute pump. The system also has built in ...capabilities for quickly deploying fire suppression foam. We didn't have that built in with the old Engine, so it was trickier to deploy quickly. This was a HUGE upgrade.

There is room for the Officer, Engineer, & 6 crew members, meaning this truck can roll out with 8 members ready to provide emergency services.

It was placed into the service after inspections & training were completed on the evening of 8/3/16. It responded to it's first call later that evening. And it responded to it's 1st Fire Call 3 days later when we responded to a vehicle on fire on I-74.

We owe a HUGE thank you to the Truck Committee members who volunteered their time. A lot of hours of meetings, researching, etc. were spent in order to make sure that we were getting the right Engine, with the right capabilities, at the best price possible.

Thank you to Josh Reese, Casey Buss, Tommy Long, Dan Gaskin, August Voges, & Zac Isaksen for their amazing results.

Engine 1152: Is a 2003 International 4 wheel drive Engine, which was outfitted by Pierce. It is our 1st out Engine for field fires, or fires in remote areas. It is also our engine for mutual aid fire calls requiring an engine. The tank holds 800 gallons of water & is equipped with a 1,000GPM pump. It has room for a crew of 5.

Tender 1166: 1993 International outfitted with a Walker 3,000 gallon tank. 1st out tender for rural structure fires & 1st out unit for mutual aid calls when the scene is rural. Room for a crew of 2 & is equipped with 2 SCBAs.

Tender 1167: Is a 2013 Kenworth which is oufitted with a 2,000 gallon Mid-State tank. It is our 1st out Tender for field fires & is equipped with a 5.5 HP gas powered pump on the back, so it can be used on small fires directly. It has room for a crew of 2 including 2 SCBA's.

Rescue 1175: 2003 Ford Excursion. It is our main unit for medical calls, and also responds to most vehicle accidents. It has room for a crew of 4-5. It is fully equipped at an ILS level (Intermediate Life Support.)

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