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Picture was taken on 1/10/15 after presenting Chief Russell Chism with his retirement axe.

SJSFPD is NOT a service provided by the Village of Saint Joseph.

The St. Joseph-Stanton Fire Protection District (SJSFPD) is a special unit of government that was formed to provide emergency services, and create ordinances pertaining to fire protection, and emergency services.  Our primary financing source is real estate taxes.  Our district consists of 78% residential, 17% farms, 3% commercial, and 2% railroad. 

SJSFPD covers 72 square miles with a total population of approximately 6,800 people.  The village of St. Joseph is located within our response area consisting of approximately 2 square miles, and a population of 4,000 people.  The remainder of our response area is located within the townships of St. Joseph, Stanton, and a very small part of Ogden, Somer, and Urbana townships.

Special areas of interest that our located within our district include Interstate 74, and the Union Pacific Railroad.  Interstate 74 is very heavily traveled through our district with an estimated 34,400 vehicles utilizing it daily.  Vehicles of all sizes carrying just about every type of freight imaginable travel the interstate, and make up many of the motor vehicle accidents that SJSFPD responds to.  The Union Pacific Railroad main line between Chicago, and St. Louis also traverses our district just East of the village of Saint Joseph.  This railroad carries a variety of freight, including hazardous materials in bulk.  Luckily we haven't had any major incidents that are railroad related, but the potential is always there.

SJSFPD provides fire suppression, fire prevention, and fire education, emergency medical services, both basic and intermediate levels of pre-hospital care (NON-TRANSPORT).  We also provide services such as hazardous material first responder, public assistance, carbon monoxide detector response, ESDA (disaster) manpower, and other emergency / non emergency needs.


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